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Security Convergence

Cyber Secured Forum 2018 – Highlights Summary Report

Kudos to the Security Industry Association (SIA) for publishing a newsletter setting forth key points and “take-always”, quickly on the heels of their cyber security forum last month.  The summary is well written and presents a very crisp overview of the presentations made and key learnings for both those who attended and those who could …

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GDPR – Catalyst for Security Leadership

GDPR is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe and applies to any organization operating in the EU, as well as organizations outside the EU that offer goods or services in the EU. That means most major corporations are affected. After years of nonexistent or belated disclosure of breaches, stolen identities and negligent data …

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Security Convergence

Converging Risks. Converging Solutions.

The security world is changing.  Physical and cyber security risks are converging.  They’re maturing at different paces.  In the security world, we’re always playing a bit of catch-up to business, but this feels a bit different.  It’s not the typical cat and mouse game.  There’s a speed and complexity to both business needs, organizational structures, …

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Unified Enterprise Security

The New Global Security for Your Enterprise

Whether you’re a member of an organization’s C-suite, a business unit manager, or a security practitioner operating in today’s global economic environment, it’s become imperative to have a broad, comprehensive view of risks facing the enterprise to proactively protect people, information, and assets and to create value. Risks — such as a cyber breach, changing regulatory environments, terrorism, corruption, large-scale involuntary migration, or the spread of …

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Enterprise Security Risk Management

Security Governance: A Critical Component to Managing Security Risk

Enterprise business leaders must understand and manage many kinds of risk in the course of ensuring the organization can fulfill its mission: meet the goals set for it by the board of directors; satisfy the expectations of the customers or clients they serve; ensure continued operation for the good of shareholders; and provide ongoing employment …

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Security Thought Leadership

Security Metrics Thought Leadership

In the December, 2016 issue of ASIS’s Security Management Magazine there is an article by Tim Williams (co-founder of GSRMA) and Tom Schultz identifying critical information about Security Metrics, more information in this article.

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