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Security Convergence

Cyber Secured Forum 2018 – Highlights Summary Report

Kudos to the Security Industry Association (SIA) for publishing a newsletter setting forth key points and “take-always”, quickly on the heels of their cyber security forum last month.  The summary is well written and presents a very crisp overview of the presentations made and key learnings for both those who attended and those who could …

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Security Convergence

Converging Risks. Converging Solutions.

The security world is changing.  Physical and cyber security risks are converging.  They’re maturing at different paces.  In the security world, we’re always playing a bit of catch-up to business, but this feels a bit different.  It’s not the typical cat and mouse game.  There’s a speed and complexity to both business needs, organizational structures, …

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Unified Enterprise Security

The New Global Security for Your Enterprise

Whether you’re a member of an organization’s C-suite, a business unit manager, or a security practitioner operating in today’s global economic environment, it’s become imperative to have a broad, comprehensive view of risks facing the enterprise to proactively protect people, information, and assets and to create value. Risks — such as a cyber breach, changing regulatory environments, terrorism, corruption, large-scale involuntary migration, or the spread of …

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Enterprise Security Risk Management

Security Governance: A Critical Component to Managing Security Risk

Enterprise business leaders must understand and manage many kinds of risk in the course of ensuring the organization can fulfill its mission: meet the goals set for it by the board of directors; satisfy the expectations of the customers or clients they serve; ensure continued operation for the good of shareholders; and provide ongoing employment …

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