Engage with GSRMA

Why Engage With GSRMA?

Want to help advance how Enterprise Risk Management principles are embraced?  You, too, can participate with other innovators who are influencing E/SRM.

Our members are individuals and organizations who represent the diversity of industry and professions – from manufacturing to SaaS businesses and from CISOs, CIOs, and CSOs to chiefs in risk, legal, HR, and operations.   All individuals, corporations, foundations, and associations are welcome.

You’ll join a community of visionaries and collaborators who believe there’s a better way.


Engage as an Organization

Any company or association may engage GSRMA directly to help shape your future of E/SRM. Decide which is best for you.

Bring GSRMA to Your Organization

Want to assess your E/SRM maturity or appreciably influence how your organization embraces principles?

By closely following industry trends and benchmarking organizations, our experts are frequently welcomed to coach Boards, leadership teams, and sales forces in best practices.


Contribute In-kind Goods & Services

Have great tools to help our speakers and researchers succeed as world-changers?

Let us know If your organization is interested in contributing expertise or products to help advance E/SRM principles.



Do you have research or benchmarking ideas that we can help with?

By underwriting sponsored surveys, benchmarking studies, and other thought leadership you, too, can help increase the awareness and adoption of E/SRM principles. Plus, sponsoring such initiatives is an excellent way to dovetail with your organization’s mission.


Affiliate or Co-Market

Do you believe that the "power of many" can really pay dividends?

We partner with associations and industry groups to collaborate on initiatives of mutual interest.  


Engage as an Individual

Experts like you do make a difference. See how members work together to drive global awareness, adoption, and development.

Speak or Nominate

Have personal E/SRM stories you want to share? Or do you know someone who belongs on the GSRMA stage?

GSRMA orators are invited to speak at major cyber, infosec, and physical security conferences.

Our panelists feature the world’s most progressive and influential speakers. We actively search year-round for experienced and influential orators who will inform and inspire to make a difference in how others embrace E/SRM principles.

If you know someone who belongs on the GSRMA stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you!


Teach or Mentor

Are you keen to share your special expertise with someone at a pivotal moment in their career?

We bring world-class experts to teach organizations and individuals on frameworks and fundamentals of adopting E/SRM practices.

We’re always looking for new voices to coach others in E/SRM principles.

If you have special expertise that would help amplify E/SRM, we would love to hear from you.



Do you enjoy expanding your knowledge and networking with other E/SRM experts?

Make a point of attending E/SRM conferences, webinars and more to make sure you are part of the conversation.


Join a Working Group

Are you interested in exchanging progressive ideas in an area of special interest?

Working Groups provide a way to collaborate, debate, meet new peers, and become involved in the development of frameworks, industry positions, research, thought leadership, and other activities that benefit our community.

Each Working Group creates valuable materials to be made available to our community for discussion and development in our field.