Cyber Secured Forum 2018 – Highlights Summary Report

Kudos to the Security Industry Association (SIA) for publishing a newsletter setting forth key points and “take-always”, quickly on the heels of their cyber security forum last month.  The summary is well written and presents a very crisp overview of the presentations made and key learnings for both those who attended and those who could not be there. Providing a review of key points and quotes to attendees in quick order after the event is very helpful, and likely to help attendees to retain what they learned and share with their employees or others in the management team who might benefit from the information as well. We think an egg was broken here and the bar lifted for all security associations who sponsor similar events.  Providing a summary like this is very helpful and a nice professional step by SIA, which does not come as a surprise given their track record in sponsoring first class events.   Cyber Secured Forum 2018 – Highlights Summary Report PDF
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